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CORTRON is EN/AS9100 C/ ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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When Reliability is required! 

Cortron Rugged keyboards supplied to Air Traffic Control systems all over the world including the FAA.  When a Rugged keyboard must also be reliable!Rugged keyboards supplied to the Armed Forces
Rugged keyboards supplied to the Armed Forces-Rugged keyboard Applicaton SpecialistsCortron Rugged Keyboards are supplied to the Armed Forces.  A reliable and rugged keyboard can save lives.

Cortron's Ruggedized, Industrialized and Militarized Keyboards are the answer! See for yourself, click on one of the link buttons above to see examples of the latest high demand and rugged keyboards that are being supplied to the Armed Forces, the Space Shuttle and even the International Space Station.  




Rugged Keyboards and Rugged keyboard  Applications

Looking for Rugged keyboards, computer keyboards, trackballs, USB keyboards, illuminated keyboards, backlit keyboards, pointing devices, waterproof keyboards?  

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Model 121 Rugged Keyboard in the International Space Station

Photo courtesy of NASA.  

Inside the International Space Station,
Cortron's Model 121 rugged keyboard
is just 'hangin out'.
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Cortron would like to extend a special 'thank you' to
David Baumann & Rick Foster,
as well as a special note of appreciation to Samme for
her search efforts in finding this picture for us.

Cortron Model 80 - Backlit Tabletop Rugged Keyboard
Model 80 Backlit

Take a look at our BACKLIT Rugged Keyboards.  A rugged keyboard with backlighting, touchpad, and trackball.

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Cortron Rugged 2-inch BACKLIT trackball.

Rugged, Panel mount
2" Dura-Track™ Glowball

Cortron Rugged 2-inch BACKLIT trackball. BACKLIT Ball and Buttons

Rugged, Panel mount
2" Dura-Track™ Glowball


Model 121 Rugged Keyboard-One of the many Backlit Rugged keyboards available from Cortron!

Model 121 Rugged BACKLIT keyboard with Glowball.

Cortron Model 100 - Backlit - Panel Mount Rugged keyboard
Model 100 Backlit

Cortron Model 121 Backlit rugged keyboard with Alternate pointing device port.





Over 500 different rugged keyboards
with an average lead time of 6-8 weeks or Sooner !
Rugged Keyboards

All Cortron Keyboards are    Cortron Rugged Keyboards are proudly made in the USA!  Proudly Made in the USA.

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