Cortron keyboards and pointing devices are used in Navigation consoles in shipboard installations around the world. Users appreciate the highly ergonomic designs that can be customized to meet nearly any application. Extreme reliability is critical when you can’t just run down to the local electronics store for a replacement – and Cortron passes with flying colors. Optional backlighting for low-light installations reduce eye strain and increased productivity.

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Cortron products are available with nearly infinite installation options. Compact key layouts and integral pointing devices are well suited for limited space environments found in ground vehicles. All Cortron Rugged products are sealed against dirt, dust, sand and liquids –install with confidence that when you need your input device to work, Cortron delivers.


All Cortron products can be configured to meet particular environmental challenges. Cortron products have been used in applications ranging from rotary aircraft to fixed wing to even the space station. Off the shelf designs as well as custom enclosures and mounting parameters can be configured to meet unique and challenging installations. Don’t see something that meets your needs? Give us a call! Chances are we have either done what you’re looking . We can use any one of our 3500 different product variations as a baseline to configure your new product. All Cortron Rugged products are sealed against dirt, dust, sand and liquids, but can also include venting for rapid and explosive decompression environmental requirements. Rest assured that when you Install a Cortron input device, it will perform - period.

521-522-570 installed


Cortron products are integrated into consoles and rack systems in Naval fleets around the world. High reliability and seamless integration with nearly any host system in means that you can focus on meeting other program challenges.

Multiple options for backlighting, mounting and custom legends / interfaces allow for configuration that makes life easier for the user. Cortron products are used in surface ship, rotary aircraft and submarine applications where environments can get nasty. Cortron products will take the punishment – suitable for environments specified throughout the MIL-STD-810G suite of parameters and can be configured for MIL-STD-901D Extreme Shock environments.

Start with a standard configuration or a clean-sheet design. Cortron designs products to allow mix and match of various options and features to provide application specific configurations yet still be Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS).

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Air Traffic Control

Cortron products are trusted in life critical applications such as Air Traffic Control.   Reliability, extremely long life cycles and the ability to configure parameters such as mounting / installation and connection to various host interfaces (among other parameters) allows the integration team to focus on meeting and exceeding the operator input requirements.

Typical options include customizable backlighting and project specific key layouts for improved ergonomics and ease of use for the operator – while still retaining the ability to stand up to the real-world of installation environments.

Industrial / Medical

Cortron products are used in industrial, medical and power applications where performance counts. Cortron products are not only sealed against environmental debris, but also offer highly ergonomic solutions to be Rugged AND easy to use. Whether the application is for a keyboard with a standard 101 key style layout or completely customized to meet a legacy / obsolete product, Cortron will provide a solution that not only meets your requirements but exceeds them. Cortron takes the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) approach with a twist – standard products that can be configured to meet particular applications. Our modular product approach means that you can get what YOU want without having to design from scratch.   Start with one of our standard models and configure to meet your needs, or contact Cortron and we can use any one of our 3500 product variations as a baseline.

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