About Us

Since its founding in 1969, Cortron has provided unique solutions to complex data entry problems by designing and building reliable, cost-effective products supported by responsive service.

We believe our success stems from a strong focus on quality and innovation as our hallmark, with customer satisfaction serving as the true measure of our success. Cortron works in close partnership with its customers to ensure their success…and our own.

Cortron strives to be more than just a keyboard supplier. Whatever your needs, we stand ready to work closely with you as a partner, from concept to installation. Cortron will help assess your keyboard needs and provide the assistance to create and build an optimum solution that embodies the quality, reliability and functionality that you and your customers demand.


Certified Small Business, founded in 1969
Privately Held company, ownership works in the company (not absentee owned)
Located in Lowell, MA
ISO9000 / AS9100 Certified


Cortron designs products that not only meet the specifications but also far exceed them.

Cortron designs products with “real-life” conditions in mind; our keyboards are ruggedized, designed to weather the most severe of conditions while also including fully ergonomic designs.

Cortron designs products for long term availability – typical life cycles 10-20 years or more, with a LIFETIME warranty on Rugged Grade products.

History of Cortron

Cortron partners with many of the leading companies in industrial and military applications.

1969 Formed
1989 Moved to Methuen MA
2013 Purchased facility in Lowell MA
Cortron’s responsiveness and willingness to add features or make modifications to products has resulted in thousands of product variations for hundreds of critical military and industrial applications worldwide. In any given year, Cortron creates between 75 to 150 new product configurations, including concepts, prototypes, and final production products and accessories. Sample installations include:

MILITARY Project Examples:

  • Trident II (Weapons System)
  • ARIA (Arial Reconnaissance)
  • CDLMS (Common Data-link Monitoring System)
  • AN/UYQ-70ADS (Advanced Display System)
  • AN/SQQ-89 (Submarine Sonar System)
  • SSAR-73 (Surface Search Advanced Radar)
  • SSDS (Ship Self Defense System)
  • NVW (Navigation Vision Workstation)
  • vMKII CDC (Weapons Control Display Console)

  • ARCI (Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion)
  • ARTHUR (Artillery Hunting Radar System)
  • AN/TSQ-73 (Multi-station Missile Minder)

INDUSTRIAL Project Examples:

  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Drywall Manufacturing Plants
  • Factory Testing System
  • Flat Panel Display Systems
  • Gasoline Testing System
  • International Space Station Systems
  • KVM Switching Systems
  • Oceanic Traffic Control Systems
  • Rack Mount Computer Systems
  • Tobacco Processing Factory Systems
  • Training Systems
  • US Space Shuttle Workstations

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