Force Transducers and Touchpads


Key Features

  • Various shapes and grip designs
  • Integral buttons on grip or associated bezel
  • Typical installations are table top, rack, or panel mount installations.

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Cortron offers a wide variety of high performance Force Transducer / Touchpad pointing device solutions. For those applications where a customer would prefer to have a pointing device that is fully sealed from the top (no through hole drain) or a minimal amount of moving parts, force transducers and touchpads can an ideal choice.Button layout options include utilizing the same switch bezel as our popular DuraTrackball and are positioned to support the natural physiology of finger movements and the natural differences in finger length for hand sizes from the 5th to the 95th percentile. Cursor point-and-click operations are performed effortlessly using natural finger movements.

Technologies include ‘force stick’ type transducers, a standard ‘laptop style’ touchpad as well as the Cortron exclusive ‘TouchPuck’ device that utilizes capacitance sensing on a limited motion cursor device. The TouchPuck allows great pointing device control while surviving the harshest EMI, RFI and S/V environments out there – all in a washdown compliant package. Contact Cortron today to see how Cortron can implement a transducer pointing device for your application to meet your program requirements.

Legends and Backlighting

Collage - Backlit Keys


  • Negative image legends (legends glow) and key brightness control
  • Backlighting colors: green, red, amber, white, blue, NVIS Green
  • Low power backlighting, no extra power needed, plug compatible to typical host ports

Collage - Key Legends - Custom

Keys, Key Caps and Legends

  • Cortron ForEver keys / legends are chemically and abrasion resistant
  • Key legends: Standard USA layout or per customer request

Pointing Devices

Collage - Pointing Devices - Integral - 1860

Keyboards w/ Pointing Devices

  • Various options available, including 1 3/8” or 2” Track balls, touchpad, DuraPuck, Button Mouse, or none
  • Environmental Protections & Performance
  • Sealed rain proof, spill proof/sand and dust proof (IP65 and MIL-STD-810) construction
  • EMI/RFI/ESD/EMP shielded and protected for critical applications
  • Optional Extreme High Shock Protection (+100gs): Includes shock sensing (Stop Codes) and keycap clips as well as other options

Cables, Connectors, and Interface Options

Collage - Connectors - 1843


  • Connectors: Pair IBM PS2 6 pin Mini DINs pair USB, or per customer request
  • Length: Standard 6 feet or per customer request


  • IBM PS2, IBM USB, SUN USB, other interfaces upon request

Enclosures and Rack Kits

Collage - Enclosure Styles - 1844


  • Durable metal enclosure with scratch resistant finish
  • Panel mount, rack mount and custom modifications available upon request
  • Enclosure Colors: Standard are black, Navy gray, Army green, and off-white;
  • Custom colors are available upon request

Available rack kits – See AV101605-XX

  • Slide kits compatible to 19” RETMA racks (17.75” opening) per MIL-STD-189 and EIA RS-310
  • High quality ball bearing slides with Lock-in / Lock-out / Quick Disconnect

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